Term of office: Two years.
Appointed by: The IEEE Technical Activities Board and the IEEE Publication, Services and Products Board (in alternate years).
Qualifications: Present or past Division Director or Society/Council President, or present or past member of PSPB, or individuals with past service on the Committee or one of its predecessors (TAB Products Committee,PSPB/TAB Electronic Services & Products Committee).  At least 10 years or equivalent significant business management experience.
Chair Skill Set:
1. Ability to get to the bottom of issues
2. Positive attitude towards change and progress
3. Understanding of organization structures and their impacts on success
4. Understands IEEE & TAB finances
5. Strong committee skills, e.g., running meetings, monitoring discussions, presenting motions, good interpersonal skills, consensus-building, and commitment to collective responsibility.
6. Strategic thinking
7, Program management (to ensure implementation of the strategic plan)
8. Solid delegation skills
9. Willing to make a significant time commitment:
     a. 10 to 15 hours per week for several wekes prior to TAB meetings and immediately after.
     b. 5 hours per week at other times interacting with staff
     c. A full-time job during the OU Series with conflicting meetings
     d. Member of the TAB Finance Committee, whch has 6 face to face meetings per year plus 3 teleconferences
     e. Member of IEEE PSPB Finance Committee and ExCom
10. Able to resolve conflicts
11. Able to deal with difficult people
12. Focus on outcomes and results in strategy and operations
13. Recognition of achievements of contributors
14. Team-related: Honest opinions and appraisals of team members and self
15.Willingness to change course if direction is incorrect
16. Focus on continuity of purpose and good of the whole over personal gain and legacy
17.No conflicts of interest
18. Ability to follow through with TAB staff about decisions taken at the PSC level
19. Work closely with the TAB and PSPB VP"s to understand the broad agendas of these bodies and guide discussions at PSC level to help achieve what these bodies are trying to accomplish
20. Some understanding of products management, such as product positioning, product strategy, product line products & services
21. Prior service on TAB/PSPB Products and Services Committee
o     Lead effort to formulate and recommend products and services and their marketing to TAB and PSPB. Cooperate with staff in the preparation of proposals and business plans for new electronic information products and services.
o     Define goals and objectives for all programs under the Committee’s jurisdiction. Develop and recommend strategies for the market positioning and pricing of information in electronic form both to maintain IEEE’s preeminence as a publisher of choice and to continue the economic viability of IEEE’s overall publications operations.
o      Monitor the progress of the implementation and sale of electronic products and services and report regularly to both TAB and PSPB. 
o      Review results and evaluate the effectiveness of programs as measured against goals.
o      Interact with S/Cs to secure their support for the activities under the Committee’s jurisdiction.
o      Coordinate with the appropriate Committees with efforts directed at assuring the quality of products and services.
o      Manage migration of IEEE products and services to fully electronic distribution. Monitor and guide efforts to influence ongoing developments in technology and standards relating to information dissemination by electronic means, including magnetic and optical media and communications networks.
o      Work toward a unified overall architecture for all IEEE information databases, including the methods and permissions for access, and the information flow between the internal IEEE network. And internet as well as any commercially available data networks.
o      Perform other functions relating to Products and Services as directed by TAB and PSPB.
Estimated Time Required:
Travel: 7 times per year
Teleconferences: 4 per year
Material/Agenda Review: 2-3 hours per week
E-Mail: 1 hour per week
Term of Office: One year
Appointed by: Division Directors (in consultation with VP, Technical Activities)
 Estimated Time Required:
Travel: 3 times per year
Travel Reimbursement: Financial support shall be provided through the TAB budget.
TAB Job Descriptions