Term of office: Two years (reappointment is permissible for one additional term).
Appointed by: IEEE Technical Activities Board. 
Qualifications: Shall have demonstrated conference management experience.  It is preferable that candidates included on the slate shall have served on the IEEE Conferences Committee for at least one year.  IEEE member Grade of Graduate Student member grade and above.  At least 10 years or equivalent significant business management experience.
o         Monitor the IEEE Bylaws, and Policies relating to conferences and recommend changes as necessary.
o         Develop policies and procedures for the guidance of IEEE organizational units, to help assure the proper conduct of conferences including but not limited to, financial and legal aspects.
o         Recommend guidelines for use by organizational units regarding review and reporting procedures for conferences.
o         Provide review, assessment and recommendations to the IEEE organizational units concerning proposed changes in meeting organization and scheduling.
o         Provide recommendations with regard to scheduling conflicts or other meeting related differences among IEEE Boards, Societies, Technical Councils, Regions, Sections, Chapters and other
            IEEE  entities.
o         Review TAD Conference Services and IEEE Conference Management activities and make recommendations concerning their modification, addition or viability.
     o         Through TAD conference Services and IEEE Conference Management Services, assist IEEE entities in the development and organization of conferences by providing information on current IEEE policies
                 and procedures and guidance materials including: conferences organization and management; financial documentation; management agreements; security measures; conference manual development
                 and publication; audit and tax procedure instructions; public and industry relations guidelines; publicity procedures; awards; special segments; and treatment of VIPs and dignitaries.
o         Interface with IEEE organizational units to collect input for the IEEE Conference Organization Manual and deal with issues and practices that relate to all IEEE conferences. Examples of the latter include 
           policy and procedures, finance, publication, and publicity.
o         Assume other such responsibilities with which it may be charges by the IEEE Board of Directors in the furtherance of its function.
o         Recommend guidelines and monitor compliance regarding conferences co-sponsored by, or run in cooperation or technical co-sponsor with, non-IEEE entities.
Estimated Time Required for Chair:
Travel: 6 times per year. Approximately 5-6 days each.
Teleconferences: As needed.
E-Mails: 10 hours per week.
Term of office: One year
Appointed by: One rep from each OU, appointed by the Chair of their respective Boards. Four representatives of the Technical Activities Board, appointed by the Chair of the Technical Activities Board, upon recommendation of the Division Directors. One of the four shall be a member of the Conference Publications Committee.
Estimated Time Required for Members:
      Travel: 3 times per year
      Teleconferences:As needed.
      E-Mail: 4 hours a week

Travel Reimbursement:  Financial support shall be funded by TAB.

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