S/C Presidents' Forum

Final Agenda Approval: 17 February 2012
Phoenix AZ
Hilton Pointe Squaw Peak

17 February 2012

Pre Meeting Items
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
009:55TAB PFProceduralWard-CallanHousekeeping:
- Voting Procedures
- On Site Access
Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
109:55TAB PFProceduralHebnerWelcome/Introduction (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation - Introduction
210:00TAB PFDiscussionHebnerChair's Presentation
-Establishment of Ad Hoc Committees
1) Industrial/Practitioner Focus (Walz)
2) Global Perspective (Rowland)
3) Voluntary Standards and TAB (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation - Forum Chair's Report
  2. Presentation: Industrial/Practitioner Focus Ad Hoc (Walz)
  3. Presentation: Global Perspective Ad Hoc (Rowland)
310:45TAB PFProceduralHebnerSelection of Order and Discussion of Items raised by Presidents (COMPLETED) 
410:45TAB PFDiscussionHebner/LiuItems raised by Presidents for discussion:
- Branding Infringement by Locally-Sponsored IEEE Conferences (K.J. Ray Liu) (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation - Branding Infringement
  2. Summary - Liu Branding Infringement
510:55TAB PFDiscussionHebner/TrackItems raised by Presidents for discussion:
- Indication of Council interest in Society Membership Renewal (Elie Track) (COMPLETED)
  1. Enhancing S/C Mutual Benefits
  2. Summary - Indication of Council interest in Society Membership Renewal
611:05TAB PFDiscussionHebner/SuzukiItems raised by Presidents for discussion: Rapid Process Service for IEEE Journals and Inclusion of the Authors' Names in Asian Characters (Takao Suzuki)

-PSPB Response - Improving time to Publication & Displaying Authors Names in Asian Characters (Zappulla/Melley) (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation - Suzuki IEEE Publishing Challenges
  2. Presentation - PSPB Response- Rapid Process Svc. and Authors names in Asian Charac.
  3. Summary - Rapid Process for IEEE Journals and Authors' names in Asian Characters
711:15TAB PFDiscussionHebnerNew Business  
811:30TAB PFProceduralHebnerMotion to Adjourn  

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