IEEE Conferences Committee

Final Agenda Approval: 17 November 2011
New Brunswick, New Jersey USA
Regency F, Hyatt Regency Hotel

17 November 2011
8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
108:00IEEE CONProceduralMosesRoll Call and Welcome  
208:10IEEE CONProceduralMosesReview and Adoption of Agenda  
308:20IEEE CONDiscussionMosesApproval of IEEE Conferences Committee Minutes 23 June 2011
  1. Draft 23 June 2011 IEEE Conferences Committee Meeting Minutes
408:30IEEE CONInfoMosesOpening Remarks  
508:40IEEE CONInfoRootConference Business Update
  1. IEEE Conference Business Update November 2011
609:00IEEE MGABInfoHuttonMGA Update
i. Conference Approval Process and Rollout
  1. MGA Conference Sponsorship Update
709:15IEEE CONInfoBauerCommittee Report: Technical Program Integrity Committee (TPIC)
i. Update on June Conferences Committee Actions
ii. Post-June Activity Update
iii. TPII Category Development and Options
810:00IEEE CONProcedural-Morning Break  
910:15IEEE CONDiscussionMosesConference Quality
*Executive Session*
1012:00IEEE CONProcedural-Lunch  
1113:00IEEE CONProceduralFamouriCommittee Reports: IEEE Meetings & Conferences Operations Manual AdHoc
i. Committee Activity Update
ii. Ops Manual Administrative Changes
iii. Discussion Items: Terms of Office for Conferences Committee Chair, Non-Discrimination/Web Branding Policies and Use of Term "Sponsor"
  1. Ops Manual Update
1213:15IEEE CONMotionVasquezRevisions to IEEE Meetings & Conferences Operations Manual: Sections 2.5 & 2.6  
1313:20IEEE CONMotionVasquezRevision to Technical Program Integrity Committee Charter: Composition  
1413:25IEEE CONMotionVasquezRevision to IEEE Policy 10.1.4: MoU Requirements  
1513:30IEEE CONMotionVasquezRevision to IEEE Policy 10.1.16: Use of "IEEE" in Conference Name  
1613:35IEEE CONInfoSiegertConference Finance Reporting (CFR) Project
  1. CFR Project
1714:05IEEE CONInfoKurzwegCommittee Reports: Strategy Ad Hoc
  1. Conferences Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Update
1814:25IEEE CONDiscussionRootPanel of Conference Organizers 2012
  1. Panel of Conference Organizers Update for ConfCom November 2011
1914:40IEEE CONProcedural-Break  
2014:55IEEE CONDiscussionRogersICX Update and Prototype Demo  
2115:25IEEE CONInfoVasquez/Ward-CallanForums of the Future
i. New Initiative Funding: Broadcast Symposium
ii. Social Media for Conferences
iii. Community Profiling
iv. Other Conferences
2215:45IEEE CONInfoSopenskyCommittee Reports: TAB-MGA World View Ad Hoc  
2315:55IEEE CPCInfoDreselyIEEE Conference Publications Committee and Conference Proceedings Operations Updates
  1. CP and CPC Update
2416:15IEEE CONInfoMooreIEEE Publications Update
i. CrossCheck
  1. CrossCheck-Publications Update
2516:30IEEE CONDiscussionMosesCommittee Discussion and Wrap Up
  1. TCS Value
2617:00IEEE CONProceduralMosesAdjourn  
Reference: Supplemental Reports
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
501 --- IEEE CONReportJannuzziConference Close Project
  1. 2011 Conference Closings

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