TAB Finance Committee (TAB Mini Series)

Final Agenda Approval: 17 May 2011
New Brunswick NJ USA
Heldrich Hotel
Johnson Conference Room
17 May 2011

Pre Meeting Items
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
008:00_Info-Housekeeping: Remote Participants
Teleconference Instructions and Webinar Procedures
US & Canada: 1-877-647-3411
Passcode: 284 252 3031
  1. Teleconference Instructions and Webinar Procedures
  2. Apple Safari User Instructions
Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
108:00TAB FINProceduralBarrWelcome and Roll Call (COMPLETED) 
208:00TAB FINMotionBarrReview and Adoption of Agenda (PASSED) 
308:05TAB FINMotionBarrApproval of Minutes from 16 and 18 February 2011 TAB FinCom meeting (PASSED)
  1. Draft February TAB FinCom minutes
408:10TAB FINReportBarrChairman's Remarks (COMPLETED) 
508:20TAB PSCReportDresely2011 Financial Forecast-Conference Publications (COMPLETED)
  1. CP Financial Forecast
608:35TAB PCReportCreighton2011 Financial Forecast - ASPP and Non-Member Subscriptions (COMPLETED)
  1. IEEE Periodicals Program Update
709:00IEEE PSPBReportHawkins2011 Financial Forecast-IEL (COMPLETED)
  1. IEEE Products/Services Update
809:15TAB FINReportHurley-Gilbert2011 Financial Forecast-Society/Council and TAB/TAD (COMPLETED)
  1. S/C and TAB Forecast
909:30IEEE FINReportGilbert2011 Financial Update - IEEE (COMPLETED)
  1. IEEE Forecast
1009:35TAB PCMotionHowell-CreightonEndorsement of IEEE Wireless Communications Letters - Phase II proposal (IEEE Communications Society, IEEE Signal Processing Society and IEEE Vehicular Technology Society) (COMPLETED)
  1. IEEE Wireless Communiations Letters - Phase II Proposal
  2. IEEE Wireless Communications Letters (PPT)
1109:55TAB PCMotionHowell-CreightonEndorsement of China Communications - Phase II proposal (IEEE Communications Society and the China Institute of Communications) (TABLED)
  1. China Communications - Phase II Proposal
  2. China Communications (PPT)
1210:15_Procedural-BREAK (COMPLETED) 
1310:30IEEE MSCReportDahlIEEE Sales and Marketing Update (COMPLETED)
  1. IEEE IP Business Update
1410:50TAB FINReportGilbertICX Financial Update (COMPLETED)
  1. ICX Financial Update
1511:10TAB FINReportHurleySociety/Council Watch List Update (COMPLETED)
  1. Watch List Update
  2. Blue and White Financial Summaries
1611:25TAB FINReportHurley-Gilbert2012 Society/Council and TAB Budget Updates (COMPLETED)
  1. 2012 S/C Budget Update
  2. 2102B Summary 1P vs Current View
  3. 2012 TAB Budget and Headcount
1711:55IEEE ABInfoDarringer - DenikeIEEE Transportation Technologies Award (TFA) (must be after 11:30AM) (COMPLETED)
  1. IEEE Transportation Technologies Award
1812:10_Procedural-LUNCH (COMPLETED) 
1913:10TAB FINReportRezekStatus Report from TAB FinCom adhoc cmte on Out of House (OOH) Publications (COMPLETED)
  1. OOH adhoc committee Update
2013:30TAB FINMotionGilbertConference Business Budget Allocation to MGA (PASSED)
  1. Conference Business Budget Allocatin to MGA
2113:55TAB FINDiscussionBarrWatch List Criteria Discussion  
2214:15TAB FINDiscussionBarrTiered Membership
  1. Membership Financial Analysis
2314:35_Procedural-BREAK (COMPLETED) 
2414:50TAB FINDiscussionAll2011 Forecasting Discussion - Impact on 2012 Budget Planning  
2515:20TAB FINInfoBarrNew Business (COMPLETED) 
2615:25TAB FINMotionBarrAdjournment

Next Meeting
Bellevue, Washington
22 June 2011 5:00PM-8:00PM
24 June 2011 5:00PM-7:00PM (COMPLETED)
Reference: Supplemental Reports
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
501 --- TAB FINInfo-TAB Fincom Actions/Motions
  1. Actions/Motions
502 --- _Info-Possible 2012 TAB Budget reductions
  1. Possible 2012 TAB Budget reductions

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IEEE ABIEEE Awards Board
IEEE FINIEEE Finance Committee
IEEE MSCIEEE Marketing and Sales Committee
IEEE PSPBIEEE Publication Services and Products Board
TAB FINTAB Finance Committee
TAB PCTAB Periodicals Committee
TAB PSCTAB/PSPB Products & Services Committee
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