PSPB OpCom/FinCom Committee Meeting (June 2013)

Final Agenda Approval: 27 June 2013
San Diego CA USA
Hilton San Diego Bayfront
Indigo 206
27 June 2013
5pm - 8pm PDT

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
117:00PSPB OPProceduralSettiWelcome and Introductions  
217:05PSPB OPProceduralSettiRoll Call
  1. Attendee Sheet
317:10PSPB OPProceduralSettiApproval of Meeting Agenda  
417:15PSPB OPProceduralSettiApproval of Minutes 14 February 2013
  1. Report from OpCom/FinCom Meeting 14 February 2013
517:20PSPB FINReportKirkici/ZappullaPSPB Finance Committee Chair's Report
- First Pass 2014 IEEE Publications Budget
- 2014 Publications Rates Approval
- 2014 Subscription Rates Approval
  1. Treasurers Report June 2013
  2. 2014 Updated Pub Rates for PSPB
618:05PSPB OPProceduralSettiDinner  
718:35PSPB FINReportKirkiciPSPB Finance Committee Chair's Report (Con't)
  1. IEEE Publications Overview
819:05PSPB OPReportDurniakOSTP (Office of Science & Technology Policy)- Directive on Public Access to Data Files Resulting from Research Funded by US Agencies  
919:25PSPB OPReportZappullaCHORUS Update(Clearinghouse for the Open Research of the United States)
  1. CHORUS Update
1019:45PSPB OPInfoGrenierSloan-funded Project Opportunity
  1. Sloan-funded Project Opportunity
1119:55PSPB OPReportSetti/Durniak/AllNew Business  
1220:05PSPB OPProceduralSettiOld Business  
1320:10PSPB OPProceduralSettiAdjourn  

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