TAB Management Committee Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 14 February 2013
Austin, TX USA
Renaissance Austin Hotel
Concho - Atrium Level
14 February 2013
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm CST

Pre Meeting Items
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005:30_Info--Housekeeping: Remote Participants Webinar and Teleconference Instructions
  1. Remote Access Instructions
Action Agenda
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105:30TAB TMCProceduralHebnerWelcome  
205:35TAB TMCInfoHebnerChair's Opening Remarks  
305:50TAB TMCDiscussionHebner AllReview of TAB Agenda
  1. Web Link: February 2013 TAB Agenda
  2. TAB Agenda Review
406:20TAB TMCDiscussionLand/Mintzer/Rezek/Zurada2013 TMC Working Groups - Update
  1. 2013 TMC Working Groups-Update
506:50TAB TMCInfoZuradaAd Hoc Committee on Educational Activities
  1. Presentation
607:05TAB TMCDiscussionHebnerNew Business  
707:10TAB TMCProceduralHebnerAdjournment
Next Meeting: Sunday, 5 May 2013, New York, New York USA
Reference: Supplemental Reports
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501 --- _Info--2013 TMC Meeting Schedule
  1. 2013 TMC Meeting Schedule

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TAB TMCTAB Management Committee
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