PSPB Strategic Planning Committee Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 27 November 2012
Piscataway NJ USA
via Teleconference/WebEx

27 November 2012
11am - 1pm

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
111:00PSPB SPCProceduralSettiWelcome and Roll Call
  1. SPC Attendees
211:05PSPB SPCMotionSettiApproval of Meeting Agenda  
311:10PSPB SPCMotionSettiApproval of Minutes 8-9 September 2012
  1. Unapproved PSPB SPC Minutes of 8-9 September 2012
  2. SPC Actions of 8-9 September 2012
411:15PSPB SPCReportSettiOpening Remarks
511:20PSPB SPCReportHemami/MouraArXiv Report and Actions from Interested Societies
  1. Update on IEEE collaboration with arXiv
611:40PSPB SPCReportHawkins/GuidaBibliometrics Market Study
  1. Bibliometrics Market Study
712:00PSPB SPCReportSettiFollow-up on actions for spreading Information on Bibliometrics and Wrap-up
a) Endorsement of the white paper on bibliometrics (Setti);
b) Stand on proper use and misuse of bibliometrics (Hawkins/Setti)
c) Adding EF and AI in the frontpage of every journal in IEEE Xplore in addition to IF (plus the related explanation on the indicators) to diffuse knowledge (Bellur)
  1. Actions for Educating and Informing IEEE community on Bibliometrics: Follow-up and Wrap-up(.ppt)
  2. White Paper - Bibliometric Indicators: Why Do We Need More Than One?
  3. Stand on proper use and misuse of bibliometrics
812:15PSPB SPCReportSettiItem 7 continues:
d) Volunteer and staff develop presentation that disseminates information to a large audience (library/sales/research community) (Hawkins/Setti)
e) Shall we promote a set of papers on bibliometrics in IEEE Access? (SPC to decide)
f) Shall IEEE create a permanent committee on bibliometrics? (SPC to decide)
912:30PSPB SPCReportHall and othersData Publishing
Results of survey with EIC's of appropriate transactions, Standards involvement(?) and author tool repository
  1. Report on Data Publishing
  2. Way forward with Big Data
1012:50PSPB SPCReportSetti and AllActions for 2013 SPC:
(no discussion, just a list to be left over for the next Chair)
Conference Proceedings
- Marketing will report on what other publishers are doing with open access conferences (Hawkins)
-Open Research and Contributor ID (ORCID), (Grenier)
- Self-cites and editorial practice
- Sub-committee report to study market strategies for best use of APIs (Grenier/Bellur)
1112:55PSPB SPCReportSetti and AllActions for 2013 SPC: (no discussion, just a list to be left over for the next Chair) continued:
- Marketing will examine possibilities discussed at September meeting and report back with make-up of ALM and possible searches (most cited, most downloaded…) for IEEE Xplore close to what can/will be implemented
- IBM/Watson/IEEE Xplore Update (Stone/Bellur)
- PSPB Operations Manual 8.1.9 Electronic Information Dissemination Revision (Moura/Hawkins)
- Future of Peer Review - Reviewer Training (Todi)
- R & D Report (Goldstein/Gupta)
1212:55PSPB SPCProceduralSettiOld Business/New Business  
1313:00PSPB SPCProceduralSettiDate and Location of Next Meeting
1413:05PSPB SPCProceduralSettiAdjourn  

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