Member and Geographic Activities Board (Feb 2009)
14 February 2009
8am-5pm AST
Condado Plaza Hotel
San Juan, Puerto Rico USA
Final Agenda Approval: 14 February 2009

Action Agenda
Category#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
*108:00LillieInfoLillieCall to Order  
_208:00MGA BdMotionJankowskiRoll Call (PASSED)
  1. MGA Roll Call
*308:00LillieMotionLillieReview and adoption of Meeting Agenda (PASSED) 
_408:00LillieInfoLillieChair Remarks
  1. Chair Report
  2. Back Up to Chair Report
  3. Update Press Member Benefit
_508:00LillieInfoJankowskiSecretary Remarks
  1. Inactive Sections, Chapters, Affinity Groups
  2. Update Section Officer Reporting
_608:00JankowskiMotionLillieReview and adoption of MGA Consent Agenda (See Item #200-209) (PASSED) 
_708:00KennedyDiscussionKennedy2008 MGA Financial Summary (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
_808:00KennedyDiscussionKennedy2009 Financial Forecast (COMPLETED)
  1. 2009 MGA Budget
_908:00LillieDiscussionGreenUpdate - MGA Implementing the Vision ad hoc committee (COMPLETED)
  1. Summary of ad hoc
  2. Presentation - Feb09
_9.108:00PalacioDiscussionPalacioUpdate on MGA Strategic Planning (COMPLETED)
  1. Status on Stratetic Planning
_9.208:00MGA BdReportWalshMGA Standards Project
  1. Standards Project Report
_1008:00LillieDiscussionLillieUpdate on 2008 Sections Congress Recommendations (COMPLETED)
  1. SC08 Recommendations
_10.608:00ApterReportApter_MalikProject Plan - SC08 Recommendation #6
  1. Project_Plan_Rec_06
_1108:00BondDiscussionBondUpdate on 2011 Sections Congress Activities (COMPLETED)
  1. Status - SC2011
_11.108:00BondMotionBondSelection of 2011 Sections Congress - Local Organizing Committee Chair (Executive Session) (PASSED)
  1. Motion-Public
_11.208:00BondMotionBondSelection of 2011 Sections Congress - Program Committee Chair (Executive Session) (PASSED)
  1. Motion-public
_11.308:00BondMotionBondRevision to IEEE Sections Congress Committee Charter (PASSED)
  1. Motion-Charter
_11.408:00BondMotionBondEstablishment of IEEE Sections Congress Support Fund - IEEE Foundation (PASSED) 
_1208:00ApterMotionApterElection - 2009 MGA Nominations and Appointment Committee Members (Executive Session) (PASSED)
  1. Motion - N&A Committee
  2. Presentation
_1308:00BondDiscussionBondUpdate on IEEE Contact Center Pilot Program (COMPLETED)
  1. Status Report - January 2009
  2. February Presentation
_1408:00LillieDiscussionJankowski_LightnerUpdate on Alternate Models ad hoc Committee activities - Time Specific - 1:00pm (COMPLETED)
  1. Status - January 2009
  2. Lightner Presentation - February
_1508:00HanckeDiscussionHancke_JankowskiUpdate on 2009 Membership Renewal (COMPLETED)
  1. Status - January 2009 PPT
  2. February Presentation
_1608:00HanckeMotionHanckeApproval of Revisions to MGA Member Engagement and Life Cycle Committee Charter (PASSED)
  1. Motion - Charter Revisions
_1708:00ApterMotionApterApproval of 2009 IEEE Potentials Advertising Rates (PASSED)
  1. Motion - 2010 Rates
_1808:00ApterMotionApterApproval of 2009 IEEE Potentials Subscription Rates (PASSED)
  1. Motion - Subscriptions Rates
_1908:00HanckeDiscussionHickmanUpdate on IEEE Senior Member Application Process (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
_2008:00MichelDiscussionMichelUpdate on Region 1 Pilot - Incentive Based Funding Program (COMPLETED)
  1. Presentation
  2. Incentive Rebate Summary
_2108:00MichelDiscussionRubensteinReview of the Region 1 Audit on the functions of a Region (COMPLETED)
  1. Updated_Presentation
  2. Presentation
_2308:00HanckeDiscussionBeheshtiUpdate on MGA Student Activities (COMPLETED)
  1. Student Update Report
_23.108:00MGA BdDiscussionEl-HawaryFunding for RSR, RSAC's to attend SAC Meeting (COMPLETED) 
_2408:00MGA BdInfoPierceCCET Update
  1. CCET Update Report
_4908:00JankowskiInfoJankowskiNext Meeting Date/Location - 27 June 2009 - Los Angeles, CA, USA  
_5008:00LillieMotionLillieMeeting Adjournment (PASSED) 
Consent Agenda
Category#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
_201 --- LillieMotionLillieApproval of November 2008 MGA Board Meeting Minutes (PASSED)
  1. November - MGA Minutes
_202 --- ApterMotionApterReaffirmation of MGA Committee Membership (PASSED)
  1. Motion
  2. MGA Volunteer Directory
_203 --- DentlerMotionDentlerApproval of formations, Changes of Technical Chapters and Affinity Groups (PASSED)
  1. Motion-Formations
  2. Geo-Units-Formations
  3. Student Branch Formations
_204 --- PierceMotionPierceApproval of the Southwest Missouri Section (R5) (PASSED)
  1. Motion
_205 --- ParkMotionParkApproval of Shandong SubSection (R10) (PASSED)
  1. Motion
_206 --- ParkMotionParkApproval of Tasmania Subsection of the Victorian Section (R10) (PASSED)
  1. Motion
_207 --- AlvarezMotionAlvarezApproval of the Medellin Subsection of the Colombia Section (R9) (PASSED)
  1. Motion
_208 --- MichelMotionMichelRevisions to Region 1 Bylaws (PASSED)
  1. Motion
  2. Bylaw Revisions
_209 --- PierceMotionPierceEndorsement to IEEE Bylaws - IEEE Individual Benefits and Services Committee to report to MGA Board (PASSED)
  1. IBSC-Motion
  2. IBSC-Backup
Reference: Committee / Forum Reports
Category#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
W300 --- MGA BdReport----MGA Board members and MGA Liaisons to other committees/boards are requested to submit written reports. As reports are received, they will be attached to the agenda.
  1. MGA Reports
B301 --- MGA OCReportLillieMGA Board Retreat and MGA Operations Committee Meeting Summary
  1. MGA OpCom/Retreat Summary
  2. MGA Project Listing
W309 --- BramlettReportBramlettRegion 4 Report
  1. R4 Report
  2. R4 Cmte Roster
W315 --- ParkReportParkRegion 10 Report
  1. R10 Report
_319 --- HanckeReportPaisGOLD Report
  1. GOLD Report
W320 --- IEEE LMCReportGandiaIEEE Life Members Committee
  1. LMC Report
W323 --- ApterReportApterCall for nominations - 2010 VP-MGA, A&A and LM Committees
  1. Call for Nominations - VP-MGA
W328 --- MGA PEBReportRivoirePotentials Editorial Board Report
  1. Report - Jan2009
Reference: Reports from Representatives
Category#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
_400 --- MGA BdReportBramlettIEEE Awards Board
  1. Awards Board Report
W401 --- MGA BdReportFisher_SinhaIEEE Educational Activities Board
  1. EAB Report - Dec 2008
_402 --- MGA BdReportStognerIEEE Career Services
  1. Report
W405 --- MGA IBSCReportKostekIEEE Individual Benefits & Services Committee Report
  1. IBSC Report
_407 --- MGA BdReportPerkin_WongIEEE Conference Committee
  1. POCO_Update
  2. OU_Cooperation_AdHoc
_409 --- MGA BdReportPerkinsIEEE Publications, Products & Services Board - Please see slides #13, #17 & #18 about building a social community
  1. Spectrum Update
_416 --- MGA BdReportRandallIEEE Women in Engineering Report/Update
  1. WIE Update

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Agenda Sections (column 2 of agenda)
1-199Action Agenda
200-299Consent Agenda
300-399 Reference:Committee / Forum Reports
400-499 Reference:Reports from Representatives
500-599 Reference:Supplemental Reports
ITEM Type (column 5 of agenda)
INFOInformation Item
ITEM Categories (column 1 of agenda)
SStrategy Discussion
RRefinement of Strategy
PPolicy Determination
BRoutine Business
WWritten Report
MOTION Results (appended to title)
-IN PROCESS-In Process
COMPLETEDDiscussion Completed
FAILEDMotion Failed
PASSEDMotion Passed
PENDINGMotion Pending
POSTPONEDMotion Postponed
PULLED FROM CONSENTPulled from Consent
RECONSIDEREDMotion Reconsidered
TABLEDMotion Tabled
WITHDRAWNMotion Withdrawn
Submitter (column 4 of agenda)
IEEE AACIEEE Admission and Advancement Committee
IEEE CLEIEEE Center for Leadership Excellence Ad Hoc Committee
IEEE FCIEEE Fellows Committee
IEEE LMCIEEE Life Members Committee
IEEE.TV ACMGA IEEE.TV Advisory Committee
MGA ARCMGA Awards and Recognition Committee
MGA Conf ACMGA Conferences Ad Hoc Committee
MGA FCMGA Finance Committee
MGA OSCMGA Geographic Unit Operations Support Committee
MGA GOLDMGA Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) Committee
MGA IBSCMGA Individual Benefits and Services Committee
MGA IOCMGA IT Coordination and Oversight Committee
MGA IRCMGA Industry Realtions Coordinator
MGA MELCMGA Member Engagement and Life Cycle Committee
MGA MRRMGA Membership Recruitment and Recovery Committee
MGA N&AMGA Nominations and Appointments Committee
MGA OCMGA Operations Committee
MGA PEBMGA Potentials Editorial Board
MGA PUCMGA Pre-University Coordinator
MGA SCCMGA Sections Congress Committee
MGA SDEAMGA Strategic Direction and Environmental Assessment Committee
MGA SACMGA Students Activities Committee
MGA vToolsMGA vTools Committee
Chair_VPMGA Chair / VP-MGA
Past ChrPast Chair
TA MemTA Member
Dir R1Region 1 Director
Dir R2Region 2 Director
Dir R3Region 3 Director
Dir R4Region 4 Director
Dir R5Region 5 Director
Dir R6Region 6 Director
Dir R7Region 7 Director
Dir R8Region 8 Director
Dir R9Region 9 Director
Dir R10Region 10 Director
VC GUOVC-Geographic Unit Operations
VC IMVC-Information Management
VC MDVC-Member Development
VC SMAVC-Strategic Management and Analysis