MGA Board Meeting
19 February 2011
Intercontinental Miami
Miami FL USA
Final Agenda Approval: 19 February 2011

Action Agenda
Category#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
B108:00Chair_VPProceduralMichelCall to Order (COMPLETED)
  1. MGA Meeting Guidelines
B208:00SecProceduralJankowskiRoll Call - Quorum Achieved (PASSED)
  1. Roll Call
B308:10Chair_VPMotionMichelReview and Adoption of Meeting Agenda (PASSED) 
B408:15Chair_VPMotionMichelReview and Adoption of MGA Consent Agenda (See Items #201-206) (PASSED) 
B508:15Chair_VPProceduralMichelChair Remarks
  1. 2011 Priorities
  2. MGA Board Report Slide
  3. 2011 MGA Ad Hoc Committees
  4. MGA Board Report to IEEE Board
B608:30SecProceduralJankowskiSecretary Remarks
- Update on Sections Congress 2014 Site Selection (COMPLETED)
  1. Geographic Units Activity Summary Report
  2. SC2014 Update
  3. Secretary Remarks
S708:45Chair_VPDiscussionJankowski_HuttonReview of MGA Projects (COMPLETED)
  1. MGA Project Update - Presentation
  2. 2011 MGA Project Listing
  3. 2011 MGA Project Deliverables
B809:10TreasDiscussionAndersonMGA Finances
- 2010 Financial Summary (COMPLETED)
  1. MGA Finances
  2. Allocation and Expense Analysis Ad Hoc Committee
S909:30VC MDDiscussionThomasMembership Statistics - First Year Retention, Recruitments at Region Level (COMPLETED)
  1. Membership Development Status (PPT)
  2. Membership Development Status (PDF)

NOTE - MGA Meeting room will be secure while MGA is meeting with TAB and during photo session. Please bring name plate when going to TAB meeting. (COMPLETED)
S1110:00Chair_VPDiscussionMichelMGA/TAB Forum
Time Specific: 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
- Co-Sponsored Conferences presentation with a motion to TAB and MGA
- Society Membership Initiatives (COMPLETED)
  1. Bundled Model - IEEE & Society Membership
_1211:15___BREAK (COMPLETED) 
_1311:30___MGA Photo Session
Time Specific: 11:30 AM
- For MGA Board Members only (COMPLETED)
_1412:00___LUNCH (COMPLETED) 
S1513:00MGA OSCDiscussionJankowski_SinauskasGeographic Unit Formations

The MGA Board approved the formation of 88 Geographic Units as presented. (PASSED)

The MGA Board approved the dissolution of 7 Subsections as presented. (PASSED)

The MGA Board does not approve the list of 60 geographic unit formation petitions as presented. MGA Staff to take appropriate action and notify the petitioners. (PASSED)

The MGA Board approved the dissolution of 31 Technical Chapters as presented pending the requirements in the MGA Operations Manual being followed. (PASSED) (PASSED)
S1613:20Chair_VPDiscussionMichel_Kaynak_FamouriConference Sponsorship

Approved the following addition to Policy 10.1.4 "Subsections, Chapters, Affinity Groups and Student Organizations are not authorized to approve requests for co-sponsorship or technical co-sponsorship/technical cooperation involving non-IEEE entities. Such requests must be approved by the Region or Section to which that co-sponsoring or technically co-sponsoring IEEE OU belongs." (PASSED)
  1. Conference Motion - MGA - Nov 2010
B1713:35VC GUODiscussionPerkins_CoughlinSections Congress 2011
- Update on Program and Activities

Presentation will be distributed to Regional SC Coordinators (COMPLETED)
  1. SC2011 Update - 15 Feb
  2. SC2011 - Revised
S1813:50Past ChrDiscussionShoopRegion 1-6 Strategy (COMPLETED) 
_1914:50___BREAK (COMPLETED) 
S2015:05TreasDiscussionAnderson_FlescherIEEE Finances (COMPLETED)
  1. IEEE Treasurer Report - Short Version
  2. Long Version
S2115:20MGA N&ADiscussionShoopMGA Nominations and Appointments Process (COMPLETED)
  1. N&A Process
S2215:35_DiscussionParro_GerstmannNew IEEE Geographic Unit Web Templates

Will conduct a webinar on web template (COMPLETED)
  1. GeoUnit Web Templates
S2315:45_DiscussionMichel_DurraniEducational Activities
Time Specific: 3:45 PM (COMPLETED)
  1. Educational Activities (PPT)
  2. Educational Activities (PDF)
S2416:00_DiscussionBeheshti_WelchIEEE Online Education Portal and IEEE iTunes University Web Site

Will schedule a webinar (COMPLETED)
  1. Continuing Education
S2516:10_DiscussionMichel_HodgesPSPB - IEEE Spectrum (COMPLETED)
  1. IEEE Spectrum
S2616:25_DiscussionMichel_VigIEEE Technology News: Free Downloads, and Content for Practitioners

The MGA Board endorsed allowing free downloads for members from IEEE Technology News. (PASSED)
  1. IEEE Technology News
S2716:35Chair_VPDiscussionMichel_RezekAwards Board Proposal for Student Competition and Honors Ceremony

To be included as discussion item on June MGA Board meeting agenda (COMPLETED)
  1. Awards Board Proposal
S5016:45Chair_VPDiscussionMichelNew Business (COMPLETED) 
S9816:50Chair_VPDiscussionMichelReview of Action Items and Financial Implications (COMPLETED) 
B9917:00SecInfoJankowskiNext Meeting Date/Location:
25 June 2011 - Bellevue, WA, USA
19 November 2011 - New Brunswick, NJ, USA
B10017:00Chair_VPMotionMichelMeeting Adjournment (PASSED) 
Consent Agenda
Category#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
B201 --- _MotionMichelApproval of November 2010 MGA Board Meeting Minutes - Pulled from Consent but Passed before discussion on membership statistics (PASSED)
  1. Minutes - November 2010 MGA Board Meeting
B202 --- MGA N&AMotionShoopApproval of Changes to MGA Operations Manual
- Changes to MGA Committee Chair/Member appointment process
- MGA approved the changes in concept in November 2010 (PASSED)
  1. Motion - Section 4 Operations Manual
  2. Motion - Section 5 Operations Manual
  3. Section 4 - Revisions
  4. Section 5 - Revised
B203 --- MGA N&AMotionShoopAffirmation of Appointments to MGA Committees (PASSED)
  1. Affirmation of MGA Committee Appointments
  2. 2011 MGA Volunteer Directory - as of 17 Feb 2011
  3. UPDATED 2011 MGA Volunteer Directory - as of 18 Feb 2011
B204 --- MGA N&AMotionShoopApproval of Filling Vacancy on IEEE Life Members Committee (PASSED)
  1. LMC Vacancy
B205 --- MGA IBSCMotionStaeckerApproval of MGA Individual Benefits and Services Committee designee for IEEE Treasurer (PASSED)
  1. IB&SC Treasurer
B206 --- Dir R7MotionMalikApproval of Region 7 Bylaws (PASSED)
  1. Region 7 Bylaws Changes
  2. IEEE Canada Bylaws
Reference: Committee / Forum Reports
Category#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
W301 --- MGA OCReportMichelOperations Committee  
W302 --- MGA N&AReportShoopNominations and Appointments Committee  
W303 --- TreasReportAndersonMGA Board Treasurer/IEEE Finance Committee Activities  
W304 --- MGA OSCReportBeheshtiGeographic Unit Operations Support Committee
  1. Geo Unit Report - Feb 2011
W305 --- MGA IOCReportParroIT Coordination and Oversight Committee
  1. ITCO Report
W306 --- MGA MELCReportThomasMember Engagement and Life Cycle Committee
  1. MELCC Report
W307 --- MGA SDEAAReportReinertStrategic Direction and Environmental Assessment Committee
  1. SDEA Report
W308 --- Dir R1ReportRubensteinRegion 1  
W309 --- Dir R2ReportFordRegion 2  
W310 --- Dir R3ReportStognerRegion 3
  1. Region 3 Report
W311 --- Dir R4ReportRiessRegion 4  
W312 --- Dir R5ReportRobinsonRegion 5
  1. Region 5 Report
W313 --- Dir R6ReportPerkinsRegion 6
  1. Region 6 Report
W314 --- Dir R7ReportMalikRegion 7
  1. Region 7 Report
W315 --- Dir R8ReportDelimarRegion 8  
W316 --- Dir R9ReportQuielRegion 9
  1. Region 9 Report
W317 --- Dir R10ReportWongRegion 10
  1. Region 10 Report
W318 --- IEEE AACReportHanckeIEEE Admission and Advancement Committee  
W319 --- IEEE LMCReportMcclureIEEE Life Members Committee
  1. LMC Report
W320 --- MGA ARCReportPedersenAwards and Recognition Committee
  1. ARC Report
W321 --- MGA GOLDReportSommervilleGraduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) Committee
  1. GOLD Report
W322 --- IEEE.TV Advisory Committee
  1. Report
W323 --- MGA IBSCReportStaeckerIndividual Benefits and Services Committee
  1. IBSC Report - Broker_TPA, RFP status
W324 --- MGA MRRReportSzaboMembership Recruitment and Recovery Committee
  1. MD Monthly - December 2010
W325 --- MGA PEBReport_Potentials Editorial Board  
W326 --- MGA SCCReportCoughlinSections Congress Committee  
W327 --- MGA SACReportChongStudents Activities Committee  
W328 --- MGA CLEReportCoodeIEEE Center for Leadership Excellence Ad Hoc Committee
  1. CLE Report
W329 --- MGA Conf ACReportKaynakConferences Ad Hoc Committee  
W330 --- _ReportDuttaIndustry Relations Coordinator  
W331 --- MGA PUCReportSocciPre-University Coordinator
  1. Pre-University Report
W332 --- _ReportRiessIEEE Career Services Committee  
W333 --- MGA vToolsReportParro_ResslervTools Committee
  1. vTools Project Summary - Feb 2011
Reference: Reports from Representatives
Category#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
W401 --- _ReportRamesh_FerreiraEducational Activities Board (EAB)
  1. EAB Report
W402 --- _Report_DesmondPublications, Products and Services Board (PSPB)
  1. PSPB Report
W403 --- _ReportMalikPSPB/TAB Products and Services Committee
  1. PSPB-TAB PSC Report
W404 --- _ReportWalshStandards Association
W405 --- _ReportModelskiTechnical Activities Board (TAB)
W406 --- _ReportBastiaansIEEE United States of America (IEEE-USA)
W407 --- _ReportPedersenIEEE-USA Awards and Recognition
W408 --- _ReportPedersen_QuielIEEE Awards Board
W409 --- _ReportFamouri_KaynakIEEE Conferences Committee
  1. Conferences Committee Report
W410 --- _ReportPiggTAB Conference Publications Committee
  1. TAB CPC Report
W411 --- _ReportAndersonIEEE Finance Committee
W412 --- _ReportFindlayIEEE History Committee
W413 --- _ReportStognerIEEE Marketing and Sales Committee
W414 --- _ReportLillieIEEE New Initiatives Committee
W415 --- _ReportHuangIEEE Women in Engineering
  1. WIE Report
Reference: Supplemental Reports
Category#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
_501 --- _Info_Region Meetings Calendar (Web page)
  1. Region Meetings Calendar (Web page)
_502 --- _Info_2011 IEEE Expense Report
  1. 2011 Expense Report
W503 --- _Info_Summary from 11 January 2011 MGA Board Retreat and Orientation
  1. January MGA Retreat Summary
_505 --- _Info_2011 MGA Board Directory
  1. 2011 MGA Board Directory
_506 --- _Info_2011 MGA Volunteer Directory
  1. 2011 MGA Volunteer Directory
_507 --- _Report_MGA Smart Book (secure Web page)
  1. MGA Smart Book (secure Web page)
_510 --- _Info_Please email agenda items to, using the attached templates.
  1. Agenda Item Template
  2. PowerPoint Template
  3. Report Template

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Agenda Sections (column 2 of agenda)
1-199Action Agenda
200-299Consent Agenda
300-399 Reference:Committee / Forum Reports
400-499 Reference:Reports from Representatives
500-599 Reference:Supplemental Reports
ITEM Type (column 5 of agenda)
INFOInformation Item
ITEM Categories (column 1 of agenda)
SStrategy Discussion
RRefinement of Strategy
PPolicy Determination
BRoutine Business
WWritten Report
MOTION Results (appended to title)
-IN PROCESS-In Process
COMPLETEDDiscussion Completed
FAILEDMotion Failed
PASSEDMotion Passed
PENDINGMotion Pending
POSTPONEDMotion Postponed
PULLED FROM CONSENTPulled from Consent
RECONSIDEREDMotion Reconsidered
TABLEDMotion Tabled
WITHDRAWNMotion Withdrawn
Submitter (column 4 of agenda)
IEEE AACIEEE Admission and Advancement Committee
IEEE CLEIEEE Center for Leadership Excellence Ad Hoc Committee
IEEE FCIEEE Fellows Committee
IEEE LMCIEEE Life Members Committee
IEEE.TV ACMGA IEEE.TV Advisory Committee
MGA ARCMGA Awards and Recognition Committee
MGA Conf ACMGA Conferences Ad Hoc Committee
MGA FCMGA Finance Committee
MGA OSCMGA Geographic Unit Operations Support Committee
MGA GOLDMGA Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) Committee
MGA IBSCMGA Individual Benefits and Services Committee
MGA IOCMGA IT Coordination and Oversight Committee
MGA IRCMGA Industry Realtions Coordinator
MGA MELCMGA Member Engagement and Life Cycle Committee
MGA MRRMGA Membership Recruitment and Recovery Committee
MGA N&AMGA Nominations and Appointments Committee
MGA OCMGA Operations Committee
MGA PEBMGA Potentials Editorial Board
MGA PUCMGA Pre-University Coordinator
MGA SCCMGA Sections Congress Committee
MGA SDEAMGA Strategic Direction and Environmental Assessment Committee
MGA SACMGA Students Activities Committee
MGA vToolsMGA vTools Committee
Chair_VPMGA Chair / VP-MGA
Past ChrPast Chair
TA MemTA Member
Dir R1Region 1 Director
Dir R2Region 2 Director
Dir R3Region 3 Director
Dir R4Region 4 Director
Dir R5Region 5 Director
Dir R6Region 6 Director
Dir R7Region 7 Director
Dir R8Region 8 Director
Dir R9Region 9 Director
Dir R10Region 10 Director
VC GUOVC-Geographic Unit Operations
VC IMVC-Information Management
VC MDVC-Member Development
VC SMAVC-Strategic Management and Analysis