TAB Management Committee Meeting
24 June 2010
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm EDT
Hyatt Regency Montreal
Montreal, Quebec Canada
Final Agenda Approval: 24 June 2010

Pre Meeting Items
Category#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
*017:30_Info--Housekeeping: Teleconference Information
  1. Teleconference Information
Action Agenda
Category#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
B117:30TAB TMCInfoPollardRoll Call and Welcome  
B217:35TAB TMCMotionPollardReview and Adoption of Agenda  
B317:40IEEE CONReportEngelIEEE Conferences Committee Report  
B417:55TAB TMCReportPollardChair's Report
  1. TMC Chair's Report
  2. Field of Interest Presentation v2
  3. Summary: FoI Statistics
  4. S/Cs FOIs: Full Details
  5. Open Access Policy
B518:25TAB FINMotionBarrTAB Finance Committee Report
  1. TAB Treasurer's Report
B618:45TAB PCReportZuradaTAB Periodicals Committee Report
  1. Periodicals Committee Rep;ort
B719:00TAB SRCReportYoffaTAB Society Review Committee Report
  1. SRC Chair's Report
B819:20TAB PSCReportRahmanTAB/PSPB Products and Services Committee Report  
R919:35TAB TMCReportFlescherTAB Ad Hoc Committee on Alternate Models - Update
  1. TAB Ad Hoc Committee on Alternate Models - Update
S1019:50TABDiscussionSumnerTAB Ad Hoc On Society Membership & Society Membership Campaigns
  1. Presentation - Ad Hoc on Society Memberships
  2. Presentation - Follow-up from May TMC
B1120:10TAB TMCDiscussionAllNew Business  
B1220:20TAB TMCInfoPollardNext Meeting: The next TMC meetings is scheduled for Thursday, 14 October 2010 in New Brunswick, NJ USA.  
B1320:25TAB TMCMotionPollardMotion to Adjourn  
Reference: Supplemental Reports
Category#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
B501 --- TAB FINInfo--Systems Council Budget - 2010
  1. 2010 Systems Council Budget
_502 --- _Info--Web Link: Technical Activities Board - June 2010
  1. Web Link: Technical Activities Board - June 2010
_503 --- _Info--Web Link: TMC Meeting - May 2010
  1. Web Link: TMC Meeting - May 2010
_504 --- _Info--Web Link: TMC Meeting - February 2010
  1. Web Link: TMC - February 2010
_505 --- _Info--Web Link: TMC Meeting - January 2010
  1. Web Link: TMC Meeting - January 2010
P506 --- TAB TMCInfoPollardTAB Standing Orders
  1. Standing Orders

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Agenda Sections (column 2 of agenda)
1-199Action Agenda
200-299Consent Agenda
300-399 Reference:Committee / Forum Reports
400-499 Reference:Reports from Representatives
500-599 Reference:Supplemental Reports
ITEM Type (column 5 of agenda)
INFOInformation Item
ITEM Categories (column 1 of agenda)
SStrategy Discussion
RRefinement of Strategy
PPolicy Determination
BRoutine Business
WWritten Report
MOTION Results (appended to title)
-IN PROCESS-In Process
COMPLETEDDiscussion Completed
FAILEDMotion Failed
PASSEDMotion Passed
PENDINGMotion Pending
POSTPONEDMotion Postponed
PULLED FROM CONSENTPulled from Consent
RECONSIDEREDMotion Reconsidered
TABLEDMotion Tabled
WITHDRAWNMotion Withdrawn
Submitter (column 4 of agenda)
IEEE ABIEEE Awards Board
IEEE ABIEEE Awards Board
IEEE BoDIEEE Board of Directors
IEEE CEOIEEE Committee on Earth Observation
IEEE CONIEEE Conferences Committee
IEEE CPCIEEE Conference Publications Committee
IEEE EABIEEE Educational Activities Board
IEEE FINIEEE Finance Committee
IEEE GCIEEE Governance Committee
IEEE INVIEEE Investment Committee
IEEE MSCIEEE Marketing and Sales Committee
IEEE MGABIEEE Member and Geographic Activities Board
IEEE NICIEEE New Initiatives Committee
IEEE NAIEEE Nominations and Appointments Committee
IEEE PSPBIEEE Publication Services and Products Board
IEEE PVCIEEE Public Visibility Committee
IEEE SABIEEE Standards Association Board
IEEE SPCIEEE Strategic Planning Committee
IEEE TAIEEE Technical Activities
IEEE RFIDIEEE Technical Committee on RFID
IEEE WIEIEEE Women in Engineering
JOINTJoint OU Meeting
TABTechnical Activities Board
TAB Adhoc EdTAB Adhoc Committee on Education
TAB Adhoc MemTAB Adhoc Committee on Society Membership
TAB Adhoc TechTAB Adhoc Committee on Technical Committee
TAB Adhoc StdsTAB Adhoc Committee on Standards
TAB ARCTAB Awards and Recognition Committee
TAB DDFTAB Division Directors Forum
TAB ECRTAB Ethics & Conflict Resolution Committee
TAB FDCTAB Future Directions Committee
TAB FINTAB Finance Committee
TAB MCTAB Magazines Committee
TAB MemMember of the Technical Activities Board
TAB TMCTAB Management Committee
TAB NCTAB Newsletters Committee
TAB NATAB Nominations and Appointments Committee
TAB PCTAB Periodicals Committee
TAB PPCTAB Periodicals Packages Committee
TAB PRACTAB Periodicals Review and Advisory Committee
TAB PSCTAB/PSPB Products & Services Committee
TAB PFTAB Presidents Forum
TAB SRCTAB Society Review Committee
TAB SPCTAB Strategic Planning Committee
TAB TCTAB Transactions Committee
Wkshp FinWorkshop: TA Finance Workshop & Tutorial
Wkshp LOWorkshop: TA & MGA Leadership Orientation