IEEE EAB Board Meeting Agenda
26 June 2010
8am - 4 pm
Hyatt Regency Montreal
Montreal Quebec Canada
Final Agenda Approval: 26 June 2010

Action Agenda
Category#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
B108:00EABInfoDurraniCall to Order and Introduction
  1. EAB Roster
B208:00EABProceduralGorhamEAB Roll Call
  1. EAB Roll Call
B308:05EABInfoDurraniReview and Approval of Agenda  
*408:10EABInfoDurrani- Vice President's Remarks

- EAB Activity Report to the June 2010 IEEE Board of Directors

- EAB Continuing Education Report to the June 2010 IEEE Board of Directors
  1. Opening Remarks Educational Activities
  2. EAB Activity Report to June 2010 IEEE Board of Directors
  3. EAB Continuing Education Report to the June 2010 IEEE Board of Directors
B508:25EABInfoDurraniReview of Consent Agenda  
*608:25EABMotionDurraniCONSENT: Approval of 13 February 2010 EAB Meeting Minutes
  1. Draft Minutes from 13 February 2010 EAB Meeting
*708:25ARCMotionKlettCONSENT: Approval of EAB / SA Education Award
  1. CONSENT: Approval of EA / SA Education Award
*808:25ARCMotionKlett / KatronetskyCONSENT: Revisions to EAB Operations Manual - Awards & Recognition Committee (ARC) Charter Changes
  1. Approval of Editorial Changes to ARC Charter and EAB Ops Manual
  2. Approval of Changes to ARC Charter and EAB Ops Manual - Frequency of Award Offerings
*908:25APCMotionPainterCONSENT: Revisions to Committee on Technology Accreditation Activities (CTAA) Charter - CTAA Streamlining
  1. Committee on Technology Accreditation Activities (CTAA) Charter Streamlining
*1008:25CEAAMotionPainterCONSENT: Revisions to Program Criterion 9, ABET Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC)
  1. Approval of Revisions to ABET Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) Criterion 9
*1108:25SEOCMotionSinhaCONSENT: Revisions to Section Outreach Committee (SEOC) Charter and EAB Operations Manual - Section 4.7
  1. Approval of SEOC Charter and EAB Ops Manual Changes
*1208:25EABMotionDurraniApproval of Consent Agenda  
W1308:30OpComInfoDurrani / Ramos / KatronetskyConfirmation of Email Ballot for Appointment to EAB Nominations & Appointments (N&A) Committee
  1. Confirmation of Email Ballot for Appointment to EAB N&A
W1408:30CPECInfoPeskinContinuing Professional Education Committee (CPEC) Report
  1. CPEC Report
B1508:30CPECDiscussionPeskinSustainability of Education Partners Program
  1. Sustainability of the Education Partners Program
  2. Presentation: Report of the Continuing Professional Education Committee
B1608:45FinComInfoAlvarezEAB Finance Committee (FinCom) Report
  1. EAB 5 Year Plan 2012-2016
B1709:00IEEE Expert Now EBPresentationBystromExpert Now Update
  1. Presentation: IEEE eLearning Library Product Update
B1809:15IEEE USAInfoDayIEEE - USA Update
  1. Presentation: 2009 IEEE-USA Annual Report
  2. Report: Education Activities in IEEE-USA
B1909:25IEEE Rep to ABET BoDPresentationLightnerABET Board of Directors Update
  1. Presentation
_2009:40IEEE PSPBPresentationRokneOpen Access
  1. Open Access, its potential impact on IEEE, and a plan of response
  2. An FAQ on Open Access
  3. IEEE Draft Statement on Open Access and Public Access
  4. Presentation: Open Access: Options and opportunities
_2109:55IEEE Board of DirectorsPresentationVigIEEE Technology News (ITN)
  1. Presentation: IEEE Technology News
W2210:10IEEE WIECReportAtovIEEE Women in Engineering Committee (WIEC) Written Report
  1. IEEE WIEC Written Activities Report
W2310:10IEEE MGABReportFerreira / RameshMember and Geographic Activities Board (MGA) Representatives Report to the EAB
  1. MGA Representatives Written Report
W2410:10PECCReportDandekarPre-University Education Coordinating Committee (PECC) Written Report
  1. PECC Written Report
*2510:10EAB SA SECReportLawStandards Education Committee (SEC) Report
  1. Standards Education Committee (SEC) Report
W2610:10SEOCReportSinhaSection Outreach Committee (SEOC) Report
  1. Section Outreach Committee Report
W2710:10SOOCReportMouraSociety Outreach Committee (SOOC) Report
  1. Society Outreach Committee Report
W2810:10RepCCReportKurzwegConference Committee Report
  1. Conference Committee Report
*2910:10IEEE Expert Now EBMotionBystrom / WelchRevisions to IEEE Expert Now Editorial Board Charter
  1. ACTION: Approval of Revisions to IEEE Expert Now Editorial Board Charter in the EAB Operations Manual
B3010:10HKNInfoEisensteinEta Kappa Nu (HKN) Induction  
*3210:45EABProceduralDurraniEXECUTIVE SESSION  
*3310:45EABMotionPainterACTION: Selection of IEEE Representative Director to the ABET Board of Directors
  1. Motion to Select IEEE Representative Director to the ABET Board of Directors
*3411:10ARCMotionKlettACTION: Approval of 2010 EAB Award Recipients
  1. Presentation: ARC Overview
*3511:40N & AMotionRamosACTION: Approval of VP-EA Candidate Slate for 2011  
B3611:50EABInfoGorham and MPSEAB Photo Session  
R3813:15SPCDiscussionDurrani / JamiesonStrategic Planning Session
  1. EAB Planning Document - Version 9.2.1
  2. EAB Committees SWOT Analysis: Goals, Objectives, Targets, Specific Actions, Person(s) Responsible
  3. Presentation: IEEE EAB Strategy Session
R3914:30EABInfoJamieson / DurraniStrategic Planning continued (working break)  
*4015:30SPCProceduralJamieson / DurraniStrategic Planning Wrap-Up  
*4115:45EABInfoDurraniOLD BUSINESS  
*4215:50EABInfoDurraniNEW BUSINESS  
*4315:55EABInfoDurraniNEXT MEETING: 20 November 2010, Hyatt Regency New Brunswick, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA  

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Agenda Sections (column 2 of agenda)
1-199Action Agenda
200-299Consent Agenda
300-399 Reference:Committee / Forum Reports
400-499 Reference:Reports from Representatives
500-599 Reference:Supplemental Reports
ITEM Type (column 5 of agenda)
INFOInformation Item
ITEM Categories (column 1 of agenda)
SStrategy Discussion
RRefinement of Strategy
PPolicy Determination
BRoutine Business
WWritten Report
MOTION Results (appended to title)
-IN PROCESS-In Process
COMPLETEDDiscussion Completed
FAILEDMotion Failed
PASSEDMotion Passed
PENDINGMotion Pending
POSTPONEDMotion Postponed
PULLED FROM CONSENTPulled from Consent
RECONSIDEREDMotion Reconsidered
TABLEDMotion Tabled
WITHDRAWNMotion Withdrawn
Submitter (column 4 of agenda)
ASEEAmerican Society for Engg Education
EABEducaitonal Activities Board
OpComEAB Operating Committee
N&AEAB Nominations and Appointments Committee
FinComEAB Finance Committee
SPCEAB Strategic Planning Committee
ARCEAB Awards and Recognition Committee
PECCPre-University Education Coordinating Committee
SEOCEAB Section Outreach Committee
SOOCEAB Society Outreach Committee
CPECEAB Continuing Professional Education Committee
PACEAB Public Awareness Committee
APCEAB Accreditation Policy Council
CEAAEAB Committee on Engineering Accreditation Activities
CTAAEAB Committee on Technology Accreditation Activities
CGAAEAB Committee on Global Accreditation Activities
EAB SA SECEAB SA Standards Education Committee
IEEE Expert Now EBIEEE Expert Now Editorial Board
ETCPEAB Editorial Board For Engineering, Technology And Computing Portals
RepCCEAB Rep to IEEE Conference Committee
ECEDHAElec & Comp Engg Dept Heads Assoc.
ECETHDHAElec & Comp Tech Dept Heads Assoc.
HKNEta Kappa Nu
IEEE ABIEEE Awards Board
IEEE CONIEEE Conferences Committee
IEEE CPCIEEE Conference Publications Committee
IEEE EABIEEE Educational Activities Board
IEEE FINIEEE Finance Committee
IEEE GCIEEE Governance Committee
IEEE ICEOIEEE Committee on Earth Observation
IEEE INVIEEE Investment Committee
IEEE MSCIEEE Marketing and Sales Committee
IEEE MGABIEEE Member and Geographic Activities Board
IEEE NICIEEE New Initiatives Committee
IEEE NAIEEE Nominations and Appointments Committee
IEEE PSPBIEEE Publication Services and Products Board
IEEE SABIEEE Standards Association Board
IEEE SPCIEEE Strategic Planning Committee
IEEE WIECIEEE Women in Engineering Committee
RepMGARep from MGA Board
RepSARep from Standard Association
RepTABRep from TAB