IEEE TAB PSPB Products and Services Committee Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 16 February 2012
Phoenix Arizona USA
Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak

TAB PSPB Products and Services Committee Meeting Agenda
16 February 2012
Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
108:00TAB PSCProceduralVarianRoll Call and Welcome (COMPLETED) 
208:05TAB PSCProceduralVarianReview and Adoption of Agenda (COMPLETED) 
308:10TAB PSCProceduralVarianApproval of Meeting Minutes (COMPLETED)
  1. November 2011 Meeting Minutes - Open Session
408:15TAB PSCProceduralVarianOpening Remarks & PSC's Role (COMPLETED)
  1. Opening Remarks & PSC's Role
508:45TAB PSCInfoDresely2011 Highlights and November Carry-over Items (COMPLETED)
  1. 2011 Highlights and November Actions
609:00TAB PSCInfoDreselySummary of Information-only Reports (COMPLETED)
  1. Summary of Information-only Reports
709:10TAB PSCExecutive SessionVarian*Executive Session (IN EXECUTIVE SESSION)
  1. Executive Session Guidelines
809:15TAB PSCExecutive SessionVarian*Action Item: IEEE New Style Journal Discussion (COMPLETED) 
909:50TAB PSCProceduralALLBreak  
1010:05TAB PSCDiscussionCreighton*Open Access Periodicals (COMPLETED) 
1110:25TAB PSCMotionHawkins/Hebner*Action Item: Custom Business Seminars (PASSED) 
1210:45TAB PSCExecutive SessionHawkins*Publishing Industry Update (COMPLETED) 
1311:00TAB PSCExecutive SessionO'Connor*Global Sales Update (COMPLETED) 
1411:15TAB PSCExecutive SessionHawkins/Mills*Ideation & Product Update (COMPLETED) 
1511:30TAB PSCExecutive SessionBellur*IEEE Xplore Update (COMPLETED) 
1611:45TAB PSCExecutive SessionGoldstein*R & D Update (COMPLETED) 
1712:00TAB PSCExecutive SessionVarian*Executive Session Conclusion (COMPLETED) 
1812:00TAB PSCProceduralALLLunch  
1913:00TAB PSCMotionMorleyAction Item: PSPB Operation Manual - Committee Terms of Office (PASSED)
  1. PSPB Operation Manual - Committee Terms of Office - PP
  2. PSPB Operation Manual - Committee Terms of Office - Doc
2013:20TAB PSCInfoBellurStrategic Issue: IBP Update (COMPLETED)
  1. IBP Update
2113:40TAB PSCDiscussionDreselyStrategic Issue: Translation of Articles (COMPLETED)
  1. Translation of Articles
2214:00TAB PSCInfoMillsPSC Charter Modification
  1. PSC Charter Modification
  2. PSC Charter Modification Document
2314:20TAB PSCInfoZappullaInteractive Content
  1. Interactive Content Update
2414:40TAB PSCProceduralAllBreak  
2514:55TAB PSCInfoGaynor/DreselyConference Publications Committee Update
  1. CPC and Conference Content Operations Update
2615:20TAB PSCInfoHawkinsIEEE Online Subscription Product Updates (COMPLETED)
  1. IEEE Online Subscription Product Updates
2715:40TAB PSCDiscussionVarian / AllNew Business  
2816:00TAB PSCProceduralVarianTime and Place of Next Meeting  
2916:05TAB PSCInfoCreighton / Butterfield / Howell / Welch / Williams / MacPhersonProduct/Services Updates - Information Only
1) IEEE and Multi Society Offerrings
     a) Society Periodical (Creighton)
2) Society Offerings
     a) Computer Society (Butterfield)
     b) Communications (Howell)
3) Standards (Wlliams)
4) Education (Welch)
5) eBooks (MacPherson)
  1. Computer Society Update
  2. Education Update
  3. eBooks Update
  4. Standards Update
  5. Society Periodical Update
Consent Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
201 --- TAB PSCMotionTrackConsent Agenda: Superconductivity Digital Archive Upgrade
  1. Superconductivity Digital Archive Upgrade

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