IEEE Conferences Committee

Final Agenda Approval: 08 November 2012
New Brunswick NJ USA
Hyatt Regency New Brunswick

08 November 2012
11am - 1pm ET

Action Agenda
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111:00IEEE CONProceduralMosesWelcome
Roll Call
Agenda Approval and Adoption
Approval of Minutes June 2012 meeting
  1. June 2012 Approved Minutes
211:15IEEE CONProceduralMosesPoCO 2013  
311:25IEEE CONProceduralMosesOperational Change to Allow Paper Exclusion from Conference Proceedings  
411:45IEEE CONProceduralMosesFederal Restrictions on US Government Participation in Meetings & Conferences
  1. Federal Restrictions on Gov't Participation in Meetings and Conferences
512:00IEEE CONMotionMosesCharging for Technical Co-Sponsorship  
612:45IEEE CONDiscussionALLFinal Comments and Discussion  
713:00IEEE CONMotionMosesMeeting Adjourn  
Reference: Supplemental Reports
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501 --- IEEE CONInfoRootOpen Conference Report
  1. Open Conference Report

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