IEEE TAB / PSPB Products and Services Committee Meeting

Final Agenda Approval: 17 November 2011
New Brunswick NJ USA
Hyatt Regency New Brunswick

17 November 2011
8am - 5pm

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
108:00TAB PSCProceduralVarianRoll Call and Welcome (COMPLETED) 
208:05TAB PSCProceduralVarianReview and Adoption of Agenda (COMPLETED) 
308:10TAB PSCProceduralVarianApproval of Meeting Minutes (COMPLETED)
  1. 23 June 2011 Meeting Minutes Pending Approval
408:15TAB PSCInfoDreselyReview of June Carry-Over Items / Summary of Informational Items (COMPLETED)
  1. June 2011 PSC Recap
508:30TAB PSCProceduralVarianOpening Remarks (COMPLETED)
  1. Executive Session Guidelines
608:45TAB PSCDiscussionMahoney*CMO Update (COMPLETED) 
709:05TAB PSCMotionHawkins*Action Item: Custom Business Seminars (PASSED) 
809:25TAB PSCMotionPepe*Action Item: Xplore Misuse Policy Change (PASSED) 
909:45TAB PSCInfoGuida*Publishing Industry Update (COMPLETED) 
1010:00TAB PSCProceduralAllBreak  
1110:15TAB PSCInfoDahl*Global Sales Update (COMPLETED) 
1210:30TAB PSCInfoHawkins*IEEE Online Subscriptions Product Update (COMPLETED) 
1310:45TAB PSCInfoMills*PSC Product Development Ad Hoc Committee Report (COMPLETED) 
1410:55TAB PSCInfoHawkins*New Product Ideation Status Update (COMPLETED) 
1511:05TAB PSCInfoBellur*IEEE Xplore Update (COMPLETED) 
1611:20TAB PSCInfoPickering*R & D Update (COMPLETED) 
1711:30TAB PSCInfoVarian*New Style Journals Discussion (COMPLETED) 
1811:35TAB PSCInfoVick*Advertising On the Non Authenticated (Public) Xplore Traffic - Update (COMPLETED) 
1911:55TAB PSCProceduralVarian *Close Executive Session / Summary (COMPLETED) 
2012:00TAB PSCProceduralAllLunch  
2113:00TAB PSCDiscussionGaynor/MillsPSC Charter Modification (COMPLETED)
  1. PSC Charter Modification
2213:15TAB PSCDiscussionStathisAction Item: IRPS Archival 50th Year CD (Endorsement) (PASSED)
  1. IRPS 50th Anniversary Proceedings & Tutorials Compilation
2313:35TAB PSCInfoBellurStrategic Issue: IBP Project Update (COMPLETED)
  1. IBP Project Update
2413:55TAB PSCDiscussionMoore/DreselyStrategic Issue: Open Access of Proceedings at Conference (COMPLETED)
  1. Open Access and IEEE Conference Publications
2514:15TAB PSCInfoHowellWCET Certification (COMPLETED)
  1. ComSoc WCET
2614:30TAB PSCProceduralAllBreak  
2714:45TAB PSCInfoDesmondPSPB SPC Overview (COMPLETED)
  1. PSPB SPC Overview
2814:55TAB PSCInfoGaynorStanding Committee Reports - Conference Publications Committee (CPC) (COMPLETED)
  1. Standing Committee Reports - Conference Publications Committee (CPC)
2915:05TAB PSCInfoZappullaInteractive Content
  1. Interactive Content
3015:20TAB PSCDiscussionVarian / AllNew Business  
3115:35TAB PSCProceduralVarianTime and Place of Next Meeting  
3215:40TAB PSCProceduralVarianAdjournment  
3315:40TAB PSCInfoDreselyConference Publications Update
  1. Conference Publications Update
3415:55TAB PSCInfoCreighton / Butterfield / Howell / Welch / Williams / MacPherson Product/Services Updates - Information Only

1)IEEE and Multi Society Offerings
  a)Society Periodical - Virtual    Journal Policy    Procedure Change (Creighton)
2)Society Offerings
  a)IEEE Computer   Society (Butterfield)
  c)Standards   Offerrings  (Williams)
  1. IEEE Computer Society
  2. Education Offerings
  3. IEEE-Wiley eBooks Library
  4. Periodical Update
  5. Standards 2011 Update

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