IEEE Press Editorial Board Meeting (August 2013)

Final Agenda Approval: 24 August 2013
San Diego California USA
Hilton San Diego Bayfront
Aqua 304
23-24 August 2013
23 August 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
24 August 8:30 am - 3:00 pm
Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
108:30IEEE PressProceduralJohn Anderson, EICStart of Day 1 of Meeting
208:35IEEE PressProceduralJohn Anderson, EICIntroductions  
308:50IEEE PressMotionJohn Anderson, EICApproval of Agenda  
408:52IEEE PressMotionJohn Anderson, EICApproval of Minutes from 17-18 August 2012 IEEE Press Editorial Board Meeting in New Brunswick, NJ
  1. 2012 IEEE PEB Minutes - For Approval
508:55IEEE PSPBReportTony Durniak, Staff ExecutiveIEEE Publishing Program
  1. TDurniak IEEE Publishing Program
609:15IEEE PressReportJohn Anderson/Ken MooreReport on IEEE Press
  1. KMoore and JAnderson Report on IEEE Press
710:00IEEE PressProceduralAllDay 1 - AM Break  
810:20IEEE PressReportDavid FogelIEEE Press Book Series on Computational Intelligence
  1. David Fogel
910:40IEEE PressReportTim Pletscher/Simone Taylor/Mary HatcherReport from Wiley Editorial Staff
1. Current Status of Signing Activity
2. Productive Technology Areas for Wiley-IEEE Press
3. Wiley Contributions from Singapore, Chichester
4. Working with Wiley-IEEE Press Authors
  1. Tim Pletscher: 2013 Signing Activity
  2. Tim Pletscher: Productive Technology Areas
  3. STaylor Wiley Contributions from Singapore, Chichester
  4. Mary Hatcher: Proposal Review Process
1011:20IEEE PressDiscussionNicole HanleyMarketing Discussion
1. Sales Outlook 2013-14 and Market Trends
2. Formats - Digital Migration and Trends in Usage Behavior
3. Wiley-IEEE Press in the Publishing Landscape
  1. NHanley Marketing Discussion
1112:00IEEE PressProceduralAllLunch  
1213:00IEEE PressReportRenny GuidaProduct Development at IEEE
  1. Renny Guida
1313:20IEEE PressDiscussionKen Moore/Jeanne AudinoE-Books and Other New Products
1. Report on IEEE-Wiley eBooks Library and User Preferences
2. New e-Book Product Plans
3, Internet Piracy of eBooks
  1. Audino/Moore eBooks Library Product Update
1414:00IEEE PressDiscussionTim PletscherOpen Discussion:
Book Types for IEEE
1. Edited volumes vs. authored books
2. Professional books vs. research monographs
3. "Soft skills" vs. technical books
  1. Tim Pletscher Discussion: Book Types
1515:00IEEE PressProceduralAllDay 1 - PM Break  
1615:20IEEE PressReportTim PletscherWiley-IEEE Press and IEEE Standards
  1. Tim Pletscher 2013 Standards Info Network
1715:35IEEE PressReportSimone TaylorWiley-IEEE Press and IEEE Computer Society
  1. STaylor Wiley-IEEE Press and IEEE Computer Society
1815:50IEEE PressDiscussionSimone TaylorOpen Discussion:
Best Practices for Wiley-IEEE Press Series
  1. STaylor OpenDiscussion
  2. STaylor OpenDiscussion
1916:10IEEE PressDiscussionJohn AndersonSuggestions for New Series Editors  
2016:30IEEE PressProceduralJohn Anderson, EICAdjourn - End Day 1  
2116:31IEEE PressInfoAllFree Time  
2218:15IEEE PressInfoAllMeet in hotel lobby to leave for off-site dinner  
2318:30IEEE PressInfoAllDinner
(Location TBD)
  1. Offsite Dinner Information
2420:30IEEE PressInfoAllFree Time  
2507:00IEEE PressInfoAllStart of Day 2
2608:30IEEE PressProceduralJohn Anderson, EICStart of Day 2 of Meeting
2708:32IEEE PressReportSeries EditorsSeries Editor Reports
  1. John Anderson
  2. Stamatios Kartalopoulos
  3. Tom Plevyak
  4. Mengchu Zhou
  5. Akay_BME Series
2810:00IEEE PressProceduralJohn Anderson, EICDay 2 - AM Break  
2910:20IEEE PressReportSeries EditorsSeries Editor Reports (continuation)
  1. Jake Baker
  2. Mo El-Hawary
  3. Dave Michelson
3011:00IEEE PressDiscussionRay PerezDiscussion: Proposed Electromagnetic Compatibility Series
  1. Ray Perez
3111:20IEEE PressDiscussionJohn AndersonDiscussion: IEEE Press and Technical Societies  
3212:00IEEE PressProceduralAllDay 2 - Lunch  
3313:00IEEE PressDiscussionJohn AndersonOther IEEE Press Board Business  
3414:00IEEE PressExecutive SessionJohn AndersonIEEE Press Nomination Process  
3515:00IEEE PressProceduralJohn Anderson, IEC, AllAdjourn - 2013 IEEE Press Board Meeting Ends  
Reference: Supplemental Reports
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
501 --- IEEE PressInfoNim Chung, Traci Nathans-KellyAdditional Series Editor Reports
  1. NimChung_ComSocGuide
  2. TraciKelly_PEC

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