TAB/PSPB Products & Services Committee (PSC)

Final Agenda Approval: 27 June 2013
San Diego CA USA
Hilton San Diego Bayfront

27 June 2013

Action Agenda
#TimeSubmitterTypePresenterAgenda ItemSupporting Documents
108:00TAB PSCProceduralBaillieulRoll Call and Welcome
208:05TAB PSCMotionBaillieulReview and Adoption of Agenda (COMPLETED) 
308:10TAB PSCMotionBaillieulApproval of 14 February 2013 Meeting Minutes (PASSED)
  1. Approval of 14 February 2013 Meeting Minutes
408:15TAB PSCDiscussionBaillieulOpening Remarks (COMPLETED) 
508:25TAB PSCDiscussionDreselyReview of February Decisions and Carry Over Items (COMPLETED)
  1. Review of February Decisions and Carry Over Items
608:30TAB PSCDiscussionDreselySummary of Information-only Reports (COMPLETED) 
708:35TAB PSCExecutive SessionBaillieulOpen Executive Session (IN EXECUTIVE SESSION) 
808:40TAB PSCMotionBaillieulApproval of 14 February 2013 Executive Session Minutes (PASSED) 
908:45TAB PSCExecutive SessionDahlGlobal Sales Update (COMPLETED) 
1009:15TAB PSCMotionHawkins2014 Pricing (PASSED) 
1109:45TAB PSCProceduralAllBREAK (COMPLETED) 
1210:00TAB PSCExecutive SessionHawkinsOA Industry Update (COMPLETED) 
1310:30TAB PSCExecutive SessionZappulla/CreightonOpen Access (IEEE Access and OA Periodicals) (COMPLETED) 
1411:00TAB PSCMotionGuidaNew Content Initiatives
a. MIT Journals
b. New Morgan & Claypool Book Series
1511:30TAB PSCProceduralAllLunch (IN PROCESS) 
1612:30TAB PSCMotionGoldsteinStrategic Insight Platform (PASSED) 
1712:50TAB PSCMotionGoldsteinIndia Education Program (PASSED) 
1813:10TAB PSCExecutive SessionGuidaProduct Update (COMPLETED) 
1913:40TAB PSCExecutive SessionBellurIEEE Xplore Update (COMPLETED) 
2014:00TAB PSCExecutive SessionGoldsteinR&D Update (COMPLETED) 
2114:20TAB PSCExecutive SessionBaillieulClose Executive Session (COMPLETED) 
2214:25TAB PSCDiscussionDreselySummary of Executive Session Decisions (COMPLETED) 
2314:30TAB PSCProceduralAllBreak  
2414:45TAB PSCDiscussionGrenierFundRef (COMPLETED)
  1. FundRef Presentation
2515:00TAB PSCDiscussionHawkinsProduct Ideation Sub-committee Status (COMPLETED)
  1. Product Ideation Sub-committee Status
2615:15TAB PSCInfoFlescherTech Navigator Update (COMPLETED)
  1. Tech Navigator Update
2715:30TAB PSCDiscussionIrvineConference Publications Committee Update
  1. Conference Publications Committee Update
2816:00TAB PSCDiscussionZappulla/SivoInteractive Content Update
  1. Interactive Content Update
2916:20TAB PSCDiscussionBaillieulNew Business  
3016:30TAB PSCProceduralBaillieulTime and Place of Next Meeting - 21 November 2013, Hyatt New Brunswick  
3116:35TAB PSCMotionBaillieulAdjournment  
3216:40TAB PSCInfoCreighton, Bagley, WilliamsInformation Only
-Education Product Updates
-Standards Products Update
  1. Standards Products Update
  2. Education Product Updates
  3. Periodicals Update
3316:40TAB PSCInfoBaillieulRoll Call and Welcome  

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